Hi, I’m Jackie,

I’d love to help you develop a regular yoga practice and with it, a love of yoga. Whether you’ve never tried yoga before, its been a while since you practised, or maybe you feel the need to go deeper into your yoga journey, I’d like to be your guide. I host group and 1 to 1 classes both in person, and online, available to suit your schedule.

I teach all ability yoga classes, both in person and online, via Zoom, on a weekly basis. There’s something for everyone to benefit from in each class. I teach breathing techniques to help quieten the mind, poses to develop strength and flexibility in the body and guided meditations or relaxations to transport you to your island of stillness, tranquility and peace. Believe me, you won’t want to leave your mat!

If you would like to join me in a class, please use the book now button below to reserve your space. Or, if you have any questions, use the links below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Why join one of my classes?


Yoga is a powerful technique that promotes relaxation and improved sleep

Stress Reduction

Breathing exercises significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate, reducing stress levels within the body.

Increased flexibility

Extend your range of motion and marvel as your joints and muscles become more and more flexible.

Inner balance

Draw your awareness inwards to calm the body and mind and reset your inner balance.

Health and Wellbeing

Experience a feeling of wellbeing after attending a yoga class and get to know that lovely after yoga feeling


Develop your ability to appreciate the present moment, your true nature and ever present blissful self.

Jackie has a real passion for teaching yoga, and for passing on her knowledge to her pupils. I find her instructions are easy to follow, and she is mindful of the differing abilities within our sessions.
Jackie clearly carefully and meticulously plans each class, building up the skills as we progress.
After each session I feel relaxed and calm.


Yoga with Jackie is a life changing experience! I’ve had the pleasure of attending her classes both in person and online and they’ve made such a positive impact on my fitness, flexibility and, honestly, my overall perspective on life. Jackie’s ora of positivity radiates through her hatha yoga teaching, helping you to see the rosier side of your life and let go of your troubles and constraints! Give her classes a go, you’ll not regret it!



What my students say….

I have done both in person and online classes with Jackie over the last 4 years.  Her yoga classes have had such a positive impact on my well-being, both physical and emotional.  I have learned so much about managing my stress levels as well as caring for a body that’s not getting any younger!  There are no doubts whatsoever about Jackie’s knowledge and understanding of what she does and she delivers her classes in such an inclusive manner, without any judgement, with only encouragement and positivity.  She has such a calm way with her and I really feel the benefit so much after every hour with her.  Thank you Jackie.


I really enjoy Jackie’s yoga class. It has built my strength and improved my posture. I look forward to it every week. Jackie is a fantastic teacher, her directions are very clear and precise. I also find the meditation at the end very beneficial as it leaves me feeling totally relaxed.


yoga with Jackie

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